If you are going to be in Houston this holiday season, there is a new show playing in town that you won’t want to miss. A great holiday story performed at The Ensemble Theatre will get you ready for Christmas with a heartwarming concept based on an idea by Greg Williams, Jr., with the book, music, and lyrics written by Chika Kaba Ma’atunde. Patdro Harris directs this seasonal performance, which started on November 16th and runs through December 30th.

A Holiday Story

The story, called Soulful Sounds of Christmas, is an uplifting tale that will make you feel the holiday jubilance you used to experience as a child. Its moral is based on how a community can help you with your life as long as that community sticks together, and also reminds us we should help and love our neighbors. The tale brings us a Christmas miracle story that is full of new songs. At the start of the story, we meet the main character, Ella Washington, who owns a soul food restaurant with her family in Florida. The restaurant’s focus is the phrase, “when you give to others, it comes back to you.” So, we get the reminder of why it is better to give than receive during Christmas.

As the plot progresses, the audience sees that Ella is a giver and enjoys donating money to charity, and she tries to help anybody in distress. However, not all of her family feels the same about charity, including her sister, Karla, and her newly divorced brother, Victor. While her siblings aren’t necessarily bad people, they are more focused on their own problems. We see the family’s tribulations and how close they are as a unit.

If you want to learn more about Soulful Sounds of Christmas, please visit The Ensemble Theatre’s website here.

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