Wednesday night, Guns N’ Roses performed in Cincinnati, and to the fan’s delight featured special guest Steven Adler. Adler was a former drummer for the band, and had last performed with band mates back in 1990.

Adler originally left the band due to “drug issues”, but has since confirmed that it was actually health issues. He recently had back surgery, but still mustered up the strength to join his former band mates on July sixth.

Adler joined in for songs “Out to Get Me” and “My Michelle” alongside Axel Rose, Slash, the lead guitarist, Buff Mckagan, bassist, and Dizzy Reed, the keyboardist. GNR began their US “Not in this Lifetime” tour in Detroit, but featured Adler for the first time in Cincinnati. The tour features a “classic lineup”, playing from the belief they would never perform together again.

The next performance will take place In Nashville on July 9th and will finish up in San Diego on August 22nd.