Join GAMA (Gathering All Muslim Artists) on September 16th in Oakland, CA to celebrate their one year anniversary themed celebration: Building The Muslim Narrative. At the event, you’ll see how the Muslim narrative is being formed in modern times, and how Muslim artists are working to reclaim themselves by expressing the true nature of their narrative.

Photo Credit: Owise Abuzaid

GAMA’s Mission

With this event, GAMA aims to support Muslim artists by celebrating their one-year anniversary. By presenting an event that showcases the work of Muslim artists from across the creative spectrum, GAMA wants to allow them to express themselves while demonstrating their experiences as Muslims today. Not only will the Muslim artists at the event share their experiences through their art, but they will also demonstrate an opportunity for all to learn about their culture and the obstacles that face those practicing the Islamic faith in today’s world.

Ticket Info

Joining GAMA on this joyful occasion:

  • Introduction to the Event: Abbas Mohamed, GAMA Director
  • Spoken Word: The Muslim Writers Collective
  • Stand Up Comedy: Hoda Abdolrazek
  • Palestinian American activist, poet, and performer Sharif Zakout, lead organizer for the Arab Resource and Organizing Center
  • Syrian American activist, poet, and performer Omar Offendem, performing his unique blend of Hip-Hop and Arabic Poetry
  • Live Jazz and traditional Moroccan Music by Shaykh Yassir Chadly and LifeForce Jazz
  • Vendor Bazaar and interactive community art collaborations

Tickets for the event cost $20 online and $25 at the door, and can be purchased here.

Who Is GAMA?

GAMA wants to gather all Muslim artists. Their ultimate goal is to provide an avenue for creative expression, and to weave it into the mainstream expression of their personal Islamic experiences. GAMA wants to build their community as a foundation for Muslims to express themselves with an inspiring atmosphere and the potential for growth.

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