Food Tank, a non-profit company that focuses on finding solutions for people that are in desperate need for food, is offering a variety of upcoming events to help balance out what they see as a broken food system. Some people in our country eat too much food, while other people have very little to eat. Because of this imbalance, Food Tank works as an organization to offer help for those suffering in poverty. Now, you can help solve this problem, by donating to the Food Tank community or attending one of their events.

As a non-profit organization, Food Tank hopes to participate in events that highlight the reality of the food problems both in America and around the world. Food Tank believes that many of these problems can be solved by activism, research, and investment. Food Tank actively participates in meetings with experts about the food and hunger problem, working to find a solution.

Food Tank’s Upcoming Events

Food Tank is participating in several upcoming events. Below we’ve provided a list of events you can attend to help this charitable organization solve our nation’s poverty and food imbalance problem.

Food Dialogues Nebraska: Pivoting The GMO Conversation--September 6 at the Nebraska Innovation Campus. At this event, a panel of ranchers, farmers, academics, consumers, and the media will meet to discuss food and agriculture. The focus will be on the safety, quality, and preservation of water.

Insieme Day Summit: Good For You, Good For the Planet—September 10-11 in Chicago. At this summit, over forty food and agriculture experts will meet to discuss how to make the present food system more economically and environmentally sustainable.

Food Take Summit in NYC: September 13. The topic for this year’s Food Take Summit is “Focusing on Food Loss and Food Waste.” Expert speakers from the food community will both speak and hold discussions on the subject.

Food Tank Garanja:  (Dance And Music Experience) at Washington Square Park September 14 in NYC. This is a free dance workout experience offered by Food Tank to help you get a little fun, fitness, and exercise in.

Esca Bona 2017: October 16-18 in Austin, TX. This three-day program has food industry experts to meet and discuss the problems with food sustainability, poverty, and our culture.

World Leadership Conference: October 26-27 in Houston, TX. Female leaders from 40 nations will meet to discuss world issues, including food and poverty as a major focus.

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