Singers and songwriters looking to get great music behind their vocals and words now have a website they can utilize that offers a multitude of sound styles to back-up their innovations. Beat Author, a creative website for artistic people, offers a place for singers and songwriters to discover creative beats they can pair with their own unique ideas.

Get Your Sound With Beat Author

At Beat Author, singers and songwriters can either purchase or lease instrumentals from a wide selection of artists that provide background musical beats. Beat Author offers an excellent service to utilize for those looking for professional sound and record labels. Whether you are already in the music industry or trying to break in, Beat Author provides everything a singer or songwriter could hope for to help kickstart a musical career.

Beat Author’s Founders

The two founders of Beat Author are both music enthusiasts with instrumental backgrounds who wanted to create a website that offers the best and most reliable beats around. Cristofer Arthur has been involved in music since the age of seven, when he started playing the piano. Later, he also learned to play the trumpet.

Brian Cohen, the second founder of Beat Author, worked as an A&R (artists and repertoire services) for record companies, helping to find new talent and nurture them through the recording process. Brian’s set of accomplishments include working with Burn Proof Records while both touring and recording songs for them.

Nowadays, both Cristofer and Brian work in their studio to create a repertoire of excellent beats they then share on their website. The goal of their beats and Beat Author is to bring creativity back to music while promoting their website so that more musicians take hold of them.

Beat Author’s Services

Beat Author currently offers three different subscription services to help get singers and songwriters started on their website. These services include:

  • $20 MP3 Lease Service. With this option, you get you get instant and unlimited downloads.
  • $30 Wave Lease Service. Again with this service, credit must be given to the producer, but you’ll still get instant and unlimited downloads.
  • Owning the Rights. You need to call the company if you pick this option, but you’ll get your beats in 48 hours and an affiliate sales option.

For more information on Beat Author, please visit their website here.

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