If you love empowering, emotional stories, then you’ll enjoy experiencing Ekjut Theater’s 3rd annual play, YONI KI BAAT on October 28th in Naperville, Illinois. Not only will you get to experience an empowering story on stage, but you’ll also know that your contributions go to benefit the charitable organization Sanjeevani, which works to support men and women throughout their difficult experiences as they journey through life.

“Talk Of The Vagina”

“Yoni ki baat” is a Sanskrit saying that translates into English as “Talk of the vagina.” In their 3rd annual play, Ekjut Theater plans to bring stories alive that aren’t often discussed in everyday conversations, but are important to cover nonetheless. Taboo concepts are a part of the action, trying to inspire empowerment and new thinking. This year’s play focuses on the experience of womanhood, and found its inspiration in Eve Ensler’s book, Vagina Monologues. Similar to Ensler’s book, YONI KI BAAT as a play focuses on raising awareness about things that women need to speak up about, but rarely discuss. For more information on the play, please visit the Ekjut Theater Facebook page.

Sanjeevani, A Charitable Organization

The proceeds from the play YONI KI BAAT will go to the charitable organization Sanjeevani, which is a service that tries to assist both men and women with their personal growth. The organization works to help and empower women and men as they experience difficult points in life. Sanjeevani works to promote its mission, which is teaching people to become strong individuals that can take care of themselves and make a better impact on the community at large. For more information on Sanjeevani, please visit their Facebook page.

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