Who doesn’t need a good laugh here and there? Well, make your calendars for August 15th and 16th to see the amazing Craig Fox at the Tipsy Crow in San Diego, California. While he usually performs at The Lantern in the West Village, New York City, Craig has performed all over the country and gathering beloved fans as he travels along.

His tour, Anxiety/Reality, will focus on issues he’s dealing with in a breezy way that’ll make you laugh. He will make sure to point out similarities in our experience that you have not yet noticed. It will be both funny, but also informative and a transformative experience. You will laugh so hard at the reality that we all face, and once you leave the show, the commentary will make you think about his themes for months to come. The tour will also include New York-based comedian Katie Barbaro, from the Late Show on CBS. This is the first time that the two will be conquering the west coast laugh by laugh. Make sure to buy your tickets today!

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