For many, learning how to put on makeup while following modern fashion can be both difficult and time consuming. If you’ve ever wanted to learn how to do your own makeup better, or do other people’s makeup, then Princess Bellaaa's makeup classes offer you a wide variety of choices to get the education you really need.

Master The Art of Makeup Hands On

The Princess Bellaaa Makeup Classes bring you a well-known and acclaimed makeup artist and beauty blogger, Karla Tobie, as your teacher. Tobie teaches her students hands-on to help them master the art of makeup.

Tobie’s makeup classes are designed to be relaxed and fun. Most of Tobie’s classes are held at private mansion locations to aid with the ambiance for her events. Guests are welcome to come in pajamas, or dressed comfortably and casually. The main focus of Tobie’s makeup classes are not on your dress, but on mastering your makeup artistry and having fun with other people who love beauty, makeup, and fashion.

Pick Your Class Level

Tobie offers two different class levels for her students, beginning and advanced.

Beginning Classes. These classes focus on making your makeup natural and simple, so that students are able to create a great makeup look.

Advanced Classes. These classes are made more for the professional stylist and makeup artist, or people with a good deal of makeup experience. Different techniques will be covered like advanced eyeshadow application and glitter application. Some fundamental and basic concepts are introduced, then classes move to more advanced makeup concepts.

General admission prices to most classes cost $250. Tobie holds her classes in various locations across the United States, including:

  • Brooklyn, NY Beginner’s and Advanced Classes, Sunday July 23rd.
  • Dallas, TX Advanced Class Friday July 28th
  • Dallas, TX Beginner’s Class Saturday July 29th
  • Memphis, TN Beginner’s and Advanced Classes, Sunday July 30th.

To learn more about upcoming locations and classes, please visit Princess Bellaaa's Facebook page.

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