Social media has become so important to events that some would flop without it. Facebook, Twitter and Instagram capture important event moments and let people know details at the drop of a hat. But what about Snapchat?

Most people think of snapchat as an app that features a disappearing picture, solely used by young adults and teenagers. However, some fail to see the significance snapchat can bring to an event!

According to an article written by Nick Borelli on EventMB “Having a platform that pushes people to watch the content they initially signed up for or forever losing the chance to see it has made Snapchat second only to Facebook in average time spent on the platform by users”. 

Snapchat updates can be posted in seconds, in many different forms, including pictures and videos with unique features. This allows events to showcase many different points of view: from other attendees, the band, the event planner and everyone else at the event!

Snapchats can be sent to individuals or the masses! Blast out your event every step of the way and show guests things they normally wouldn’t see! This can be used pre-event, during and post-event. 

Use exclusivity to your advantage, only send certain content to VIP guests and let them know it! Unlike a Facebook event, others will never know, and those receiving it will feel extra special.

If you plan far enough ahead, make your own snapchat filter and encourage others to use it. This will be uniquely yours and anyone in the area will be able to use it! Talk about capitalizing on FOMO (Fear of Missing Out) – only those who attended the event are able to use the filter to share with their followers.

A filter is an extension of the photo or video. For instance once the picture is taken different features can be added. From a black a white photo to the time you took it! Locations or event names can also be added and show where/what that person is doing. The branding opportunities using these filters are not to be missed and can spread very fast!

The best part about Snapchat is that once your event gets enough attention, the attendees will be doing all the work! They will be sharing your event with everyone and you can sit back and admire a job well done!

Snapchat is still underrated in some circles, but you can use this as an opportunity to show the amazing experiences you create for attendees at your events!

Share your thoughts and experiences with snapchat with us as well!

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