The bright, vivid cultures of Holi culture are enveloping Los Angeles this Spring. Holi on the Beach, as an event, has become increasingly more popular to attend in the Los Angeles area. And, the real question is, why not? With a bevy of colorful powders, scented water, and with a focus on feeling happy all combined in the air, Holi is a beautiful celebration of joy and color and is incredibly invigorating to experience.

With so much color in the air during Holi, the emotions inspired are both jubilant and vitalizing. With the water and colored powder flying in the air, the attendees become covered in colors of green, purple and red, making it impossible to take things seriously, and instead creating enjoyment.

Holi’s Festival of Colors

Holi’s Festival of Colors is no longer only celebrated by Hindus. However, its roots do come from an ancient Hindi set of stories. One such story tells the tale of Prahlad, a worshipper of the Hindu god Vishnu whose faith to this God went against his father’s beliefs, survives flames because of his faith in the god. A second story tells the love story of the god Krishna and his relationship with the cow-herding maiden Radha.

The Importance of Holi

So, why has this festival, which focuses on religious experiences that many attendees do not embrace, become so popular? The main reason has to do with the vibe the attendees experience during the event. The entire idea of the celebration is about bringing together some of what is best about life—love, joy, and good defeating evil, all during the start of Spring.

Spring itself stands as a symbol of rebirth in many cultures. Holi causes individuals to embrace the feeling of transformation for the better, allowing them to look forward at what is ahead with joy and anticipation.

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