When hiring a band for your next event, you should consider the innovation of the music and how much a talented fresh take on old favorites can entertain an audience. While most event crowds traditionally enjoy a mix of cover songs and new music while attending a function, when the band can also bring a new style to longstanding songs alongside their original music, it adds a dual sense of fun surprises and extra catchiness to the music.

Down Tight’s Music

The feeling of being absorbed by a unique twist on music is a sense Down Tight provides to its crowds. As a band, Down Tight has increasingly grown in popularity playing both club and corporate events. Well known for the impactful music in this scene, Down Tight produces an excellent auditory experience for any crowd, full of sound popping recreations.

Part of the success Down Tight experiences stems from both their talent and experience. Their music is born out of their dedication to pleasing a crowd as well as the pride they take in the sound they create. As a band, Down Tight dedicates itself to making sure crowds will “feel” the songs they are creating to make their music an impactful experience for any audience.

Down Tight’s Capabilities

Each band member brings to the stage a minimum of a decade’s worth of experience playing in the professional event scene. Their soulful sound, two lead singers, powerful guitar performance, and mesmerizing drum playing all comes together to create a powerful and energetic show.

As a band, Down Tight covers a variety of genres, promising to offer options to please any event crowd. Down Tight plays dance music, R & B, funk, Motown, swing, rock, reggae, and even more. Down Tight’s ability to offer such variety alongside their talent and experience will ensure they please an audience at any event.

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