‘Tis the season already, and as we get closer to the holidays, those of you who are planning for a Christmas party most likely started thinking over your planning ideas. However, the one thing you need to consider when putting your event together is one concept many party planners often forget about—what your guests would both expect and enjoy. Sometimes, we get so caught up in planning an event the way we want it; we forget who the event is really for. If you’re able to start thinking like one of your guests and follow these simple considerations, you’ll be able to plan an excellent Christmas party.

Keep with Christmas Traditions

We all have expectations for Christmas parties, and you can guarantee that your guests will, too. There are certain things your guests will want to see to get the traditional Christmas feel. For instance, you’ll want to make sure your decorations include things like a tree, red, green gold, and silver, or white for some of the colors, and an ambiance that speaks of a winter feel.

Pick a Theme for the Season

All parties need a theme, and for Christmas parties, you have the option of going for a winter formal style party or a more casual dress requirement. The choice is yours, and your theme needs to reflect on whether or not you want your guests to dress in a particular style. More formal dress style parties require a more elegant theme, while a casual dress party could be more rustic in appearance.

Gifts for the Guests

One of the best ways to pamper your guests is to provide some gift bag for everybody that attends the party, even if you can’t afford to invest a fortune in such a plan. Providing your guests with gifts—even something like homemade cookies or candy—and wrapping it individually for every attendee is one way to provide them with a warm thank you send off, and a fantastic way to provide good cheer upon ending a party.

Advertise Your Plans

Whatever you plan to offer your guests, whether it be traditions, a theme, and gifts, or something else, you want to make sure to advertise what’s going to be available at the party to attract your guests. Letting potential ticket buyers know about what you intend to do is one way to help them select your party as the event they want to attend.

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