Are you searching for a band that possesses both a unique feel and a sonic effect? If you want to hire a band with an unconventional, entrancing beat, then look no further than Phavian. Phavian’s one-of-a-kind style combines orchestrations alongside melodies to craft their music into a beat that creates its enjoyable feeling. Perhaps this effect comes from the band’s general principles, which are to “view music as a boundless art,” since they started their band “as a musical entity focused on composition.”

Phavian’s History

Members of the band include Elizabeth Matson on vocals and keyboard, Puyan Hassani and Rob Cubillos on acoustic and electric guitars, Jason Lobell on bass guitar, and Patrick Hassani on drums and keyboard. Focusing their efforts on composition, Phavian was able to produce their first album, and titled the debut “Kiena.” After releasing “Kiena,” they followed up in 2009 by promoting their new album through touring and sharing their music, bringing their unique take on sonic music and composition to new cities.

Phavian’s Four Album Project

After completing their tour, Phavian felt inspired to take on a monumental recording project in 2010. First, they decided upon a two-album concept that then, because of the multitude of lyrics, eventually, they revised into a four-album concept. This approach, in turn, resulted in four different album releases: Meridian I, Meridian II, Inversion, and Stretta.

Beginning in February 2011, the band started the process of recording for their large project. By October, Meridian I was released. After the release of Meridian, the band kicked off another tour to promote their new album and get their sound out to new cities and fans alike. Meridian II came out in March 2013, and along with that release, came more promotion. The band has continued to release its massive four album project alongside touring and promoting their unique sound and style.

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