Course Introduction

The eyebrows help to protect the eyes from moisture and dust, and cushion the skin from physical injury. Bushy and unkept eyebrows give an untidy appearance to the face but when correctly shaped and trimmed, the brows give balance to the facial features, enhance the eyes, and distract from other facial imperfections. It's important that you always remember that you can make or break the client’s face by the shape of the eyebrow. This is why proper training is so essential and the Schoolof Glamology is here to provide just that.


  • Eyebrow Design and Hands on Practice
  • Practice kit
  • Manual
  • Certificate of Completion

If you have any questions, don't hesitate to check out the website All you need to do pay the $99 deposit that is required to save your seat in the class. The balance must be paid apon arrival to the course. Join now because seats are very limited and fill up fast.

Tuition: $299

Duration: 2-3 Hours

Kit and Certificate Included!