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Desi Music » Music Features » 2011
Nouman Khalid and OCL Drop Desi Thumka Video
Pakistani artists Nouman Khalid and Osama Com Laude have released the video for their collaboration track "Desi Thumka". Watch it here!

Nouman Khalid and OCL Drop <i>Desi Thumka</i> Video

Pakistan went through a music phase in which everyone was in a band and a musical was not very dynamic. Western influences and the desire to do more with music have led to a wave of new Pakistani acts diving into pop and hip-hop music. "Desi Thumka" is a prime example of new school Pakistani music. Nouman Khalid brings the pop side of things while Osama Com Laude (OCL) carries the hip-hop vibe.

The song plays on modern day romance with references to "amriki chashma" (American glasses), "U.K. wali boli" (the U.K. girl said), Facebook, and BBM (BlackBerry Messenger). The only other artist to cleverly incorporate such themes in his music is Imran Khan (IK), but now, Nouman is giving IK a run for his money. With lyrics all alluding to the story of getting a girl, Nouman manages to keep the video clean and cool with nothing clich├ęd.

Nouman Khalid is seen dressed in a crisp blazer and rocking shades. OCL keeps it street with a track-style jacket as well as a structured vest. The video has been shot on a couple of sets with some pretty girls. Now with flashing spotlights and weird choreography, we think the video is a well-done product.

Signed to Fire Records in Pakistan, Nouman dropped his debut album Tanhai in 2008. Nouman's music then had the traditional rock vibes. After paving the way for his career by meeting expectations, Nouman clearly has no fear in trying something new.

OCL has been rapping and dropping tracks for a few years now. This underground act has been hustling and is now catching the attention of all the right people. Born in Karachi and raised in Florida, Osama is the essence of Desi hip-hop with his upbringing. While balancing his studies and music, OCL continues to build his fan base and track listing. There is no denying that he adds dynamic to "Desi Thumka", and, with Nouman, it can be said that the girls have some eye candy.

Currently riding on the success and promo of the new song, we all look forward to seeing what each of these artists brings next because "Desi Thumka" is definitely a hit and a song you will have on repeat.

"Desi Thumka":

Tags: ocl, osama com laude, nouman khalid, desi hip hop, desi thumka

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