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Richard Menon - The Indian Playboy

How Curry Bear does it, we all wanna know! Well, not all of us, it might be kinda nasty. But his ability to seek out and find good content is just profound, for a bear.

The Indian Playboy, Richard Menon

Kids, Curry Bear loves to showcase clean fun and honest humor. NOTTTT. Who are we kidding? We love filth, trash talking and gossip about who got gang-banged at a desi party last weekend (hint: it's a girl that goes to Rutgers New Brunswick and lives in the Allen dorm). So it only makes sense to talk about a South Asian guy working in the adult film industry.

Curry Bear has made a new friend - an Indian fellow named Richard Menon who works in the adult film industry. When it comes to women in the adult film industry, you can find any type. If you look hard enough, you can find a porno movie about a Swahili woman having sex with a donkey while a midget cuts her hair. However, when it comes to men, you rarely see Asian guys in the adult film industry. Why? The typical answer would be their um... shortcomings. However, part of the reason could also be the strict background Asians come from, thus preventing any of them from chasing their dreams, or chasing girls for that matter. Curry Bear had a chance to speak to Richard Menon about his new documentary and his career in the adult film industry. Curry Bear is tired of watching straight porn with white and black guys with penises the size of a scud missile. It's about time we get some of our own brown men in on the action. But everything needs to begin with baby steps. And Mr. Menon is that baby step.

So who is Richard Menon and where can you find boobies?

Richard Menon is a rare pheno-menon (hahah I crack myself up), a South Asian man from a Mallu background who is working in the adult film industry (I can't help but keep saying that). He left the world of corporate finance to chase his dream - and that dream was to work in the adult film industry. He has released a documentary movie called "The Indian Playboy: Anatomy of a Porn Film." It is an in-depth look at how a porn movie is made from start to finish. This is something Curry Bear has always been fascinated about. How do they make a 2 hour movie about something that takes most people 2 minutes? As for boobies, you won't find any in his movie. This is a "Making Porn Movies For Dummies" type of film.

Richard is also the CEO of Ecstacy Vision, a film production company that is based in New Jersey. Now that Curry Bear knows where the headquarters are located, he may have to go in and make some movies of his own. Also, if you're disappointed that this documentary is not a porno movie, you can buy some from Ecstasy Vision's site.

Oh how Curry Bear wishes he could abandon his work and start making dirty movies. The documentary was released today and is available online at The Indian Playboy website. If any of you are interested in working in the adult film industry (and have the balls to go against your parents wishes of becoming an engineer, doctor or run their motel), this movie is for you. This is the perfect time to drop out of that bullsh*t Business or Management major and switch over to adult film making!!!

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