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Payal Singhal - New Fashion Diva

Finally! A fashion designer without hang-ups! Payal is so down to earth and her talent speaks for itself. Thats a very tough combo to come across in the fashion industry. Let's see what Payal is doing...
by Peta Cooper

Payal Singhal

Wouldn't it be awesome if you could just wake up and design your own clothes? I really give props to people who do it for a living. I can't stitch or run a sewing machine to save my life! I was fortunate enough to hook up with the very transcendent designer - Payal Singhal. She's pin pointed what the modern Desi woman looks for in fashion and brings it to life. Her key ingredients are comfort, color, and culture and at the age of 22 she's launched her own fashion line. From bridal wear to party wear, nothing seems to faze Singhal as she enters the fashion world. In November she will be hosting a trunk show in Los Angeles, California.

Peta Cooper: Let's start with the basics. How quickly can you put on a sari?
Payal Singhal: For others it may take 5-10 minutes, but I can put it on in under 2 minutes! Yay!

PC: We should alert the Guinness Book of World Records right?! Payal, what makes your clothing line different from other designers?
PS: My clothes are a lot of fun and they are very Western in a silhouette type of style. Unlike others, they are very comfortable to move around in but they still have that Desi touch in color and embroidery. I design for a young global girl who loves to travel, party and yet is close to her culture.

PC: If you were to put a best and worse dress list together for Bollywood and Hollywood, who would make number one in both categories?
PS: Are you trying to cause some trouble Peta? (laughs)

"...I feel women are far gutsier than men and I love that!"

PC: I'll give you 20 bucks if you say Tabu is the best dressed in Bollywood.
PS: Do you have a crush on Tabu?

PC: Mmm... you said it! I didn't! It's a toss up between Tabu and Johnny Depp!
PS: What a strange combination! I'll gladly take the 20 (she took my 20!), but I have to disagree, Tabu is NOT the best dressed in Bollywood, but here are my choices:

Best dressed Bollywood - Sushmita Sen
Worst dressed Bollywood - Urmila
Best dressed Hollywood - Kate Hudson
Worst dressed Hollywood - Diane Keaton

PC: I don't think Kate is all that, but if you could design a wedding dress for any celebrity who would you choose and why?
PS: In India I would choose Sushmita Sen and in America I would choose Jennifer Lopez. I love their body types, their skin color and what they symbolize to me.

PC: It's too bad you missed your chance to design for J-Lo! But hey, she has her own fashion line; maybe she will model for your upcoming trunk show? What sort of clothes will be at the show?
PS: If you can get me Jennifer's number, I'll give your 20 back! (laughs) The trunk show will give our clientele a chance to get a personalized experience with our new collection. We will be showing three basis lines. The Indian Bridal collection, a line of fusion occasion wear collection and a young-funky western wear collection.

PC: That's a cool showcase! Alright, so what style of clothing do you think should be banned from the market?
PS: 80's punk rock sort of stuff...

PC: Really? I disagree I might be getting a mohawk soon.
PS: Oh no! You're kidding me!

PC: (laughs) Yeah I was, I just wanted to see if you were paying attention... (smiles) Ok Ms. Singhal, let's take a look into your crystal ball, what's going to be hot in 2005?
PS: Kaftans and the color brown!!

PC: Ladies you heard it first on DesiClub, start looking for the color brown! Payal, do you only wear your label, or could I go swimming in your closet and find clothes made by different designers?
PS: I wear lots of designers! My closet can barely hold all of them! You'll find clothes from different Indian designers to Armani, Bebe, Arden B, and BCBG. But I'm eyeing to buy an outfit from the Mathew Williamson collection soon.

PC: I love baggy sweatshirts! Do you have a particular fetish for a certain clothing item?
PS: I love t-shirts! I have hundreds of them in all colors, shapes, sizes, styles, and prints!!

PC: We are complete opposites! Finish this sentence for me... "A woman can never have too many..."
PS: Shoes and bags!

PC: I lack in bags, but I guess I have plenty of shoes! Ok let's follow up with..."A man needs more..."
PS: Guts!! I feel women are far gutsier than men and I love that!

PC: What would you like to say to the readers?
PS: Have fun, love clothes and be safe! Oh, I can't forget here's your 20 dollars, Peta. I wasn't really going to keep it! (laughs)

Check out Payal Singhal's site at

Do you have any thoughts on this? Feel free to send Peta an e-mail @ Peta Cooper.

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