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Ultimate Bollywood » Bollywood Features » 1999
Salman and Ashwariya Married
Is it true or just another promotion for a movie to be released? Ashwariya tells her side in this heart felt interview courtesy of Filmfare Magazine.

Salman and Ashwariya

Get this straight. She's been through the wringer, maybe many more times than the average actress. But that's the arc of celebrity. And when you're Ashwariya Rai, nothing remains average or ordinary any more. Lately, one flip-flop above all others has been dominating Ashwariya Rai gossip. If you're an informed '90s cineaste who keeps up with everything from dangerous liaisons to box office tallies, then you impatiently await the answer to the burning question. Is Ashwariya Rai more than just schmoozing with Salman Khan? But first things first. She looks longingly into the camera. As the golden hues of the day filter behind her, a roll of film becomes a thing of beauty. Her mobile rings incessantly. The media's paging her persistently. And she wants to be far away from the maelstrom.

Is it true that you're married to Salman Khan?
What? That's the most preposterous piece of news I've ever heard. False, absolutely false.

So you're not having an affair with him?
Certainly NOT. Write that in capital letters. It's the weirdest rumour I've ever heard.

You're not engaged to him either?

But Salman Khan looks totally besotted by you.
Please. I cannot account for anyone else's actions.

Could these rumours be a publicity gimmick for Hum Dil De Chuke Sanam?
Certainly not. Neither the producer nor the director of the film need to use such cheap tricks. They are confident they've made a good film. They don't need to indulge in cheap gimmicks.

Will these rumours spoil things between Salman and you?
I don't know whether to be angry or laugh. Why should any talk affect us? Just because people talk rubbish, we can't stop talking to each other or pretend to look the other way when we run into one another. That would mean we were letting the rumours get at us.

Is a certain section of the media campaigning against you?
I don't mean to sound persecuted but the fact is that, yes, a section of the media has been after me. Perhaps because I haven't given them interviews or done photo-sessions for them.

Would you say your directors have let you down vis-a-vis the quality of films that you've done?
I'm certainly not complaining. I'm more than happy with the faith all my directors have reposed in me. And there's none of that "She's new, let's see what she has in store" element anymore.

I've proved myself as a competent dancer, I have the talent. I'm sincere, hardworking and I've got the choicest of roles. I have no complaints. But, yes, perhaps I'm more under scrutiny than a lot of other actors and actresses.

Like it or not, you are seen as an icon of beauty, too.
I'm not fighting. Neither my bloodline nor what's God-given.

Recently when I travelled to Switzerland for the Longines campaign, I was made to feel special. Like when I had won the crown. Then things had passed off in a whirl of hectic activity, moving from country to country. Today, I have the time to actually enjoy the adulation.

Say of it what you will, sounds like a typical promotional theme for a film, doesn't it?

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