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Ultimate Bollywood » Bollywood Features » 2012
Sofia Hayat, Not a Sex Symbol
Sofia Hayat is a U.K. crossover actress who is being called hot, provocative, and a sex symbol. Sofia has come out to say this is not a label she wants. Find out more here.

Sofia Hayat, Not a Sex Symbol

Put on some lingerie, post a nude image, and naturally you are being labeled a sex symbol in India. Actress Sofia Hayat, a Britain native, is treading a fine line on these acts and she is starting to hear the sexy symbol label and she is not happy about it!

In India right now, Sofia is part of a television show, which teaches youngsters how to flirt. ON her promotional tour she has been seen in slinky blouses bearing plenty of skin yet she sternly says she does not, "want to be seen as a sex symbol in movies. I'm a disciplined actress, I studied for this and have worked with the BBC too. I would love to do Vidya Balan's role in The Dirty Picture or Priyanka's in Barfi!"

Sofia is working on a few smaller scale films. She reveals, "I am playing a mother of two in the movie Nachle London that's slated to release in December 2012. If I am not doing big banner movies or working with not so well-known actors, it doesn't mean I am a bad actress. Sometimes even good actors don't get their due while working with big banners. The concept of big banners is prominent only in India. But for me, my success is the response of the audience to my work." Sofia rants on in a defensive tone.

Sofia's conversation comes back to the sex symbol label and is quick to point fingers to Sunny Leone. Sunny is a Canadian native whose first claim to fame is her adult film career. In Bollywood, she has dared to go to lengths other actresses have not, but continues to leave plenty to the imagination of her audience. Sofia throws Sunny under the bus with her comment, "Even I want to work with Salman and Shahrukh Khan. Sunny is popular because she had a platform like Bigg Boss that I don't have, and there was great curiosity about her being an adult film star. I have not seen Jism 2, but can you call her a good actress? No. Mahesh Bhatt is a salesman, so it worked for both of them."

"In case of Sunny, maybe," Sofia says when she is prompted with the question, does sex sell? Sofia makes it clear who she is aspiring to be, "There are other great actresses like Priyanka Chopra and Kareena Kapoor. And sex sells everywhere, not necessarily in the form of pornography. I will not take off my clothes to do porn movies and get Bigg Boss. That's not my style. I'd rather do movies that are watched by 50 people."

Low-cut blouses, low blows, Sofia Hayat has a lot to say and is not willing to take crap from anyone! Do you think she has presented herself to be a sex symbol or is media taking a few sexy outfits a bit too far?

Tags: sofia hayat, sunny leone

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