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Ultimate Bollywood » Bollywood Features » 2012
John Abraham and Kangana Ranaut Get Steamy!
John Abraham and Kangana Ranaut shot a steamy scene for 'Shootout at Wadala' and according to reports it got so intense Kangana hurt herself! Get the scoop here.

John Abraham and Kangana Ranaut Get Steamy!

Bollywood films have become daring the last few years. Normal Sex, sperm donors, rough sex, pre-marital sex are all common topics within the industry now. Keeping up with the times and making sure that a story is carried out, John Abraham and Kangana Ranaut were asked to shoot a steamy love scene for Shootout at Wadala and they were on board. According to reports, the scene got so intense, Kangana hurt herself!

Kangana and John were quite well into their characters within the scene when Kangana broke her bangles and began bleeding. A source told reporters, "There are not one but two hot, lovemaking scenes in Shootout at Wadala. One is a simple but passionate kiss and the other is so violent that it's almost like a sexual assault on Kangana by John! Though the actor was suffering from a bad cold he insisted on completing what was scheduled. Both John and Kangana have kissed in their earlier films so the kissing scene went off smoothly. It was during the passionate lovemaking scene when both get into a heated argument. John holds her hand tightly and starts making love to her but his grip was so strong that her bangles broke and she started bleeding. Of course John immediately apologized to Kangana. It was just that being good actors both he and Kangana got carried away with the passion created in the moment. She was bleeding so much that shooting got stopped for an hour till the doctor came on set and bandaged it. The scenes were shot last week amidst very few people as John and Kangana didn't want too many people around. In the film, John plays a young innocent guy who gets drawn into crime, while Kangana plays his romantic interest."

Tanuj Garg, of the production staff, also commented on the incident saying, "There are two very aesthetically shot love-making scenes in the film shot by Sanjay Gupta. During one of them, she broke her bangles and both of them ended up with minor gashes having cut their wrists. It is a very passionate scene."

The whole situation sounds intense and is sure to entice fans to head out and watch the movie for the on-screen chemistry! Are you intrigued by this PR stunt?

Tags: shootout at wadala, john abraham, kangana ranaut, love scene

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