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Bradley Cooper Confirms The Hangover 3
Are you ready to experience another night you can't remember? Actor Bradley Cooper confirmed that there will indeed be a "Hangover 3." Find out what he had to say here on Desiclub.

Bradley Cooper Confirms The Hangover 3

Drunken nights, blackouts, tattoos, and new friends are all the winning elements in the film franchise Hangover. The second installment in the collection was released this year and now actor Bradley Cooper has confirmed that there will be a third coming to a theater near us soon!

While in London, Bradley was a guest on Graham Norton's talk show. While there the conversation shifter to Hangover and Bradley said, "I hope we'll start shooting next September. I know Todd Phillips (director) is working on the script. We stuck to the formula in the second one, but the third would need to close the trilogy. I think it'll take place in Los Angeles and, not adhere to the structure."

The Hangover was released in 2009, Bradley Cooper was joined on-screen with Ed Helms, Zach Galifiankis, and Justin Bartha. The film took us to Las Vegas where the saying "What happens in Vegas stays in Vegas," could not be more fitting. The boys all headed to Vegas for a kick-ass bachelor party, when they woke up in the morning they realized they had lost their groom!

The day ended up being a series of events in which the guys tried to understand what happened the night before. With a missing tooth and a tiger in the bathroom, we find out the night could not have been a pretty picture. After running around Vegas only seeming to get into more trouble, the guys remembered that they shifted the groom-to-be to the roof.

Just when we thought the hysteria couldn't happen again, Hangover 2 took us to Thailand for another wedding. This time the bachelor party was not to happen, but when marshmallows are spiked and a night elapses, the brother-in-law goes M.I.A. by the morning. This time the boys have a monkey, tattoo, and no idea why they are in Bangkok and not their resort.

A frantic day with gunshot wounds, drug lords, and everything in-between, the missing brother-in-law is found in an elevator which wasn't running because the power was out.

With California as the projected location for The Hangover 3, we expect Hollywood to be the backdrop and all sorts of substances in the mix. They said the third time is the charm giving us hope that The Hangover 3 will be another box office hit, but how many Hangovers do you think this series can actually churn out.

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