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Ultimate Bollywood » Bollywood Features » 2011
Vidya Balan To Represent Victoria's Secret?
Vidya Balan has been approached to be brand ambassador for the lingerie line Victoria's Secret! Find out more about her endorsement and the company's Indian campaign!

Vidya Balan To Represent Victoria's Secret?

The West pays more and more attention to the East as they begin to digest the enormity of the South Asian demographic. With artists touring India and creating unique fusion collaborations, fashion designers are beginning to cater to the same demographic. Recently, Paris Hilton launched her own line of handbags in the motherland. Well, things are about to get even hotter as Victoria's Secret heads to India with Vidya Balan potentially their brand ambassador!

Hindustan Times brought attention to the collaboration as they revealed that this year's Victoria's Secret Fashion would feature The Dirty Picture's hit song "Ooh La La" for their Indian release. The song's composer revealed to Hindustan Times, "Before the song, I don't think any of her fans could have ever imagined her looking as sexy and glamorous as this," Vidya did turn heads with her avatar in The Dirty Picture painting her in the more mature and sexy light.

Vidya described the complex roles as, "one hand, is this woman who is absolutely brazen about her sexuality, she is volatile, and on the other, she is child like," to Hindustan Times. With the song making its way to Victoria's Secret, the rumors now circulating are about Vidya's potential involvement with the brand.

Some reports have stated that Victoria's Secret is looking to expand into petticoat and blouses for their Desi consumers. Daily Times Pakistan spoke to DNA to get the scoop. Their source said, "They've (Victoria's Secret) discovered that Indian women don't fit into the international bracket when it comes to lingerie sizes. So, when they were thinking about a campaign especially aimed for Indian women who are generously endowed, Vidya's name came to the fore. Of course, there's a shock value too, when you have an A-list actor associated with a lingerie brand."

The same source goes on to say, "The campaign is at an ideating stage, and needs to go through various stages of approvals, before hitting the public space domain. It also includes getting an approval from the actor herself. But yes, there is a chance she might become the first model for the line that is aimed exclusively at Indian women, who are of bigger build than an average model."

With no confirmation from Vidya's camp or Victoria's Secret regarding the partnership, this stays on our radar as rumor. What we can conclude is, Vidya Balan has truly hit a new peak in her career and The Dirty Picture is definitely a milestone for this actress.

Zee VS Fashion Show Clip:

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