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Men Not Allowed
     You are here: Home > Adult > Men Not Allowed

Men Not Allowed
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Availability: Available
Product SKU: DVD00004
Price Range: $10 to $20
Language: Hindi
Price: $15.99
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Director: Shrey Shricastav

Producer: Arya Ved Prakesh

Starring: Payal Rohatagi, Aryan Vaid, Tarun Arora

Sub Titles in: English

A movie based on two girls who have been deceived, tortured by men. They both live with hatred for men in their life. Tanya (Payal Rohatgi) is the daughter of a business tycoon Karan Sharma. She has lost her mother when she was a kid and grew up in high society where she has seen many man woman relationship. Her father Karan is a womanizer and has not been a caring father to Tanya. She runs an advertising agency with her father. She is in love with Shekhar (Aryan Vaid) and her marriage with him is declared. Tanya finds Shekhar in bed with some other girl and her world is completely shattered. She decides never to marry and engrosses herself in her world. Tanya then meets Urmila (Tina Majumdar) who is an aspiring model.

Urmila gets selected for an Ad campaign for Tanya's agency but she is unable to perform. Tanya probes into Urmila, where Urmila tells Tanya about her dark past. Urmila's father was a drug peddler who was arrested and later died in the prison. Her mother was drug addict and she also had died in the hospital. She was then handed over to her uncle who tried to molest her and then sent her to an orphanage. Her life in orphanage was no less than hell and she developed a hatred for men. Tanya consoles Urmila and has sympathy for her. She helps her to come out of the emotional trauma and helps her become a celebrity. Tanya and Urmila become friends and they start sharing beautiful moments together. Vikram (Tarun Arora) is a celebrity and a top model.

He is ambitious and wants to marry Tanya. Karan is against the relationship of Urmila and Tanya. He tells Vikram to make Urmila fall in love with him only then Tanya would out of jealousy marry Vikram. Tanya and Urmila both get married and separated from each other but both their marriages are based on revenge and compromise and don't work out. Realizing each other's importance they dump their husbands and then live happily together. Together in a life where MEN NOT ALLOWED!

     You are here: Home > Adult > Men Not Allowed


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