PT. ROBOTA INDONESIA is a company engaged in the field of robotics and industrial automation. Robota was founded in 2006 and has now developed into a robotics company supported by many parties, both from within and outside the country.

Division of Robotics Courses and Training, we have agreed to collaborate with many Schools in Indonesia in the form of extracurricular or Intracuricular robotics lessons in schools. This of course is inseparable from the achievements that have been achieved by ROBOT ROBOTA SCHOOL students.

As one of our most profitable business units, the ROBOTA Course and Training Institute has also offered business opportunities in the format of Educational Franchising or Educational Robot School Franchising for the wider community. We are ready to help you to develop a unique and prospective education business in each area with the ROBOTA Robot School Education Institute.

As a company that has experience in the field of robotics education and automation, we have purchased as a distributor kit and parts for robotics, electronics and automation equipment by major manufacturers in the fields such as Pololu, Kaimax and Picaxe. We also provide various needs for robotic equipment and automation that are good for educational, hobby and industrial purposes



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