No one speaks the language of Cultures better than World Heritage Cultural Center and nothing can capture the imagination more than telling great stories through the arts.

 What is Cultural Identity?

The United States is a nation of blended cultures. Throughout the centuries, alongside Native Americans, immigrants and their American-born children have been a part of this patchwork we call America.

It is not uncommon for those who are born out of their native land to feel lost in a sea of different cultures and backgrounds—retaining a cultural identity provides a familiar foundation onto which a life in a new land can be built.

Our mission is to make a positive impact through knowledge & charity by creating a common ground where any culture in the world can come and celebrate their way of life through the arts and food.

Arts integration is a powerful force that will allow people to experience things directly and develop a strong self-identity that connects them to their cultural roots. To understand where you come from and where others come from will help to foster a greater understanding and respect for different cultural values and customs.

WHCC primary services are provided after school and during the summer, for all ages, including special programming for senior citizens and those with special needs. We offer classes and workshops—onsite or offsite—including dance, music, acting, creative writing, and the media arts and more. WHCC also connects and provides opportunities to receive scholarships, internships, mentoring, skill development, and networking opportunities for our members.

Additionally, WHCC connects with existing charities to help make a bigger impact, instead of reinventing the wheel. Organizations we have worked with are among American Cancer Society, Be A “STAR” Campaign, Daniel’s Music Foundation, and Alex Lemonade Stand among other organizations that are in process of being established. 

WHCC is in the process of fundraising for its first Cultural Center in NY -  get information on WHCC's Project B.U.I.L.D and our International Film Festival in NY/CT in September 2019 by emailing us at 



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