Whiskey Stories LLC brings you a series of unique and high end whiskey experiences where each event is completely different. Together these experiences will allow you to savor NYC in a new way. Whiskey Stories LLC is a Michelin Guide recommended highly sought after multisensory, immersive & experiential whiskey tasting and storytelling company. Four premium whisk(e)y flights are paired with four gourmet chef prepared food pairings. In addition, each event also has multisensory elements in the form of either comedy, music, our whiskey based unisex colognes, blindfolds (Whiskey In the Dark) and more. It is unlike any other experience in NYC! 

Rachna Hukmani is the owner/founder of Whiskey Stories LLC and a whiskey specialist & designer with a background in acting, comedy, storytelling and more. She has over 10+ years of whisk(e)y marketing and innovation experience working on some of most legendary whisk(e)y brand such as The Macallan, Highland Park, Johhnie Walker & many others. She has also helped design & launch other new to world whiskies like The Macallan 12 Double Cask, Highland Park Magnus and more.  Each experience is carefully planned and hosted by her. She was named first South Asian woman to open a whiskey company and launch first of its kind whiskey based unisex colognes (featured on Bloomberg News)

Come experience Whiskey Stories at our gorgeous venue designed like a magical wonderland! 


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This experience was amazing. Rachna's attention to detail was phenomenal and it lead to a really exciting experience. The space, Rachna's story, and her deep knowledge of whiskey was fantastic.
Pauline - Celebrating her birthday with Whiskey Stories
Rachna is both incredibly knowledgable and wonderfully engaging, and I strongly recommend Whiskey Stories if you want a novel and unique experience
This experience was super unique with SO much to offer. Rachna is incredibly personable, funny, and great at leading a crowd of strangers down the journey together. I'm all about doing things one can't find elsewhere, and this def hit that criteria!
Jennifer - Arrived From Nashville To Experience Whiskey Stories

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