What Makes You Click consists of two of the best up and coming NYC comedians. 

Rishi Mathur:

Rishi is a NYC based comedian who regularly performs at iconic clubs such as Stand Up NY, Carolines, New York Comedy Club and has also performed all over this country as well as internationally in India. He is one the most fast-talking, high energetic comedians, he spent most of his childhood between Arizona and New Jersey and then grew up to realize his true potential in comedy. He now regularly performs for drunk college students and tourists, and just came off tour opening for Rajiv Satyal in Jersey and Chicago, as well as Craig Fox in San Francisco. Through the unique lens of growing up Indian in America, Rishi touches on a broad range of subjects that people from all different backgrounds will enjoy. 


Kerby Darius:

Kerby Darius was born and raised in Fort Lauderdale, Florida. He first excelled academically in school and had aspirations of becoming the first black president but once Barrack Obama beat him to it, Kerby gave up on any hopes of contributing positively to society and decided to pursue a career in comedy instead (thanks Obama). Kerby began his stand up career in Toronto and quickly became known for his smart, off balanced approach to comedy and rapidly gained the respect of the other comics in the city. He now lives in New Jersey and performs all over the tri state area.


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