The Virtual Dream Café is, in reality, Chicago singer/songwriter Sue Fink.  As both a performer and music fan, what I miss most during this Covid-era is the energy exchange that occurs between us in RealSpace. There’s nothing like laughter, banter, and shared transcendent moments to energize everyone. There’s nothing like really connecting through music and words.

It is my intention to try to provide, virtually, the things I miss most: Real performances, mostly in-the-round, where the audience and performers can interact, where people can sing along (muted of course, due to sound latency issues), and enjoy inspiration, hope, and fellowship – even if only in the virtual realm.  And because this is all happening online, performers – and audience! – can be from virtually anywhere in the world; so in that sense the community can grow.

The VDC will present INTENTIONAL shows.  They will not be recorded for viewing afterwards.  We want you to plan to come, donate to reserve your place, and then... show up!  Audience members, remember your own value in this energy cycle.  Performers energize you, and you also energize us!  We look forward to having your presence as part of the VDC community.


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