The Resilient Pathway provides training & development, & management consultation for organizations, with leadership coaching and diversity & inclusion culture strategies.

"Follow your dream, tell your story, lead your life with is your new beginning...I am blessed to walk by your side." ~Alexia Georghiou

Alexia Georghiou has a background as a therapist for over 20 years. She has recently received her Certification in Leadership & Management from Wharton Online. Her mission is to innovate with individuals, community leaders, businesses, corporations, and government entities to create change that impacts our overall well-being as a community. She specializes in faith based coaching for those who seek to incorporate Christian principles to their individualized coaching. Why is this? She has a diploma in teaching the Bible, and wants to utilize this when it fits with people's values.  Her approach is one of inclusion and love. READ MORE ABOUT DIVERSITY & INCLUSION HERE


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