My coaching is action and results oriented. I understand the value of living on the growing edge of the comfort zone. I’m most effective with people who have a growth mindset and are willing to put in the work. With me, we’ll not only get to the center of what’s stopping you, but also have a plan of action to get you to where you want to be!

8 years of Coach Training and Experience have honed my listening so I can very quickly identify what your key struggle is, and the action needed to transform it. I communicate clearly and honestly, and deliver it with compassion and empathy. I will uncover what’s really happening, so you can move forward with true confidence and self-assuredness.

5 years of classroom teaching experience means my sessions and workshops are participant-focused, designed to engage (this means they’re fun!), and are structured effectively to teach new skills and bring about new insights.

5 years organizing Dance Events: I put on weekend-long dance workshops that included auditions, workshops, competitions, DJs, and live bands, and managed teams of 75+ volunteers to create events attended by 600+ dancers. I honed my skills in large-scale communication, teamwork, management, and accountability.

Juris Doctor (law degree) permanently shifted the way I think, and gives me a distinct perspective on morality, responsibility, negotiations, and how to navigate conflict.

Championship-Winning Kungfu Practitioner (2005 Beijing Traditional Kungfu Competition, 1st Place, Shaolin Fist) is the basis for my understanding of Chinese philosophies: Buddhism, Taoism, Chinese pressure points and meridian lines. It also gives me a physical/embodied understanding of the concepts of balance, rest, intention, acceptance, and many more concepts required to maintain a healthy, sustainable life.

3 years as a Kungfu Instructor mainly for preschoolers (including 12 units of Early Childhood Education) taught me the importance of having clear expectations, consistent structure, and lots of positive reinforcement.

BA Linguistics means I understand the importance of language and the difference it makes on the human mind in terms of psychology, cognitive development, and sociology (how we interact with each other).


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