A video hello from me!

I had the real privilege of being a Detective Chief Inspector in the Metropolitan Police, London, UK.

I went to University and studied Forensic Psychology. Having police experience and the benefit of psychology put me in a very strong position, especially with murder investigation

Since retirement, I have been offering all types of talks, lectures and live events.

More obsession is to make each event good value for money and put across in a relaxing and fun way. You also have the change to interact with us on a chat facility.

Besides this Experience, we offer the following:-

  • ·         The murky world of psychopaths
  • ·         Psychological Offender Profiling-including drawing up your own profile of Jack The Ripper.
  • ·         The psychology of Aggression and Violence
  • ·         Missing or Murdered? The fine line between the two.
  • ·         The Rise of the Gang Culture in the UK
  • ·         UK Serial Killers


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Nadine 18.05.2020 This was our third event with Steve and fun and interesting as the others. With his extensive experience he passion his events are great entertainment! Absolutely recommendable!
Clare 17.04.2020 Great evening....thanks Steve! Really loved the interactive bits and the anecdotes from your experiences.
Vittoria 17.04.2020 Steve's passion for his subject is infectious
Lucy 17.04.2020 Looking forward to the next crime and wine talk!

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