Founded in 2015, spit&vigor is a non-profit theater company devoted to the development of new plays and spirited, innovative productions of existing work. We are dedicated to makeshift, skin-of-your-teeth, ad hoc theater - bringing modern voices and perspectives to the wild, chaotic, burlesque roots of theater.  spit&vigor's small roster of productions has been award winning and critically acclaimed, praised as “darkly humorous, deliciously ghoulish”, “wrenching and visually eloquent”, "irresistibly dramatic" and "legitimately upsetting" by the New York Times.  In collaboration with theater company Theatre4thePeople, spit&vigor was the recipient of the 2015 New York Innovative Theater Outstanding Premiere Production of a Play Award for their very first production, which included an Artist Support Grant from the Donn Russell Fund. spit&vigor has since gone on to earn the off-broadway Players Theater Artistic Residency, The Center at West Park’s Artist Residency, ​IRT's 3B Residency, The Davenport space grant, and a special invitation to The Glitterbox Theater in Pittsburgh and the 2017 NOLA InFringe Festival. They are NYC-based but their productions have travelled from California to Texas to Louisiana and back to New York City. Theater of guts & guile // blood, sweat, tears // spit & vigor.


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