SIP. SHOP. EAT! at The Collective  Pop- UP Market, launched in April 2017 as a curated marketplace of highly talented: vintage dealers, jewelry makers, artists, lifestyle and fashion designers independently sharing, showcasing and selling their work. The experiential marketplace currently roams New York City & Los Angeles, CA popping up in the trendiest neighborhoods! SIP. SHOP. EAT! is the brainchild of Kyle and Taylar Colyar due to Taylar's persistent need to find Pop Up space to showcase and sell her vintage brand The Bela Noelle Collective. SIP. SHOP. EAT! has quickly grown into a community based platform for brands big and small to connect, share and promote their work and network with like minded entrepreneurs, cultivate community and provide a dynamic shopping experience in celebration of food drinks & style. 

In addition to providing stellar events benefitting brands and shoppers alike, SSE acts as a resource for brands to find inspiration, motivation and general business hacks via our Entrepreneurship Blog. Have a question? Give us a shout at 


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