Rose-Anne Uwague is a woman who loves to travel, experience new cultures, enjoy life on her own terms and spend time with loved ones. She quickly realized that in order to realize her desires, she had to maximize her time.

Faced by her own challenges of obtaining harmony, balancing a full time job, marriage, motherhood, project management contract and her own consulting boutique, she figured out how to optimize her time.

Passionate about igniting purpose to help women identify and achieve their goals, she has been nicknamed “The Igniter” because she lights a fire. She challenges women through accountability and introspection to set milestones, tackle their vices and operate in their power by accomplishing their mission.

As a Life Strategist, she distinguishes her productivity coaching by helping her clients pursue harmony, employ grace and strategy rather than hustling, grinding and struggling. She dispels myths and thoughts that don't serve her clients, eliminates excuses and offers renewed perspective.

Her consulting firm, Light A Fire focuses on mindset, time optimization, personal mastery and business process improvement.

She is the author of 7 lbs 13 ozs, A Spiritual Journey to Motherhood; and Plug In: A Woman's Charge to Pursue Harmony. She is also the founder of RUBE, an empowering cosmetic campaign which is a reminder to cultivate inner beauty while enhancing outer beauty.

Rose-Anne is also a wife, mother of two boys and a Human Resources Professional who resides in New Jersey. She honed her skills through personal experience, real life situations, a Master's degree in Corporate Communication and coaching education. She speaks Basic Spanish and Mandarin Chinese.


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