RED Development Group is a global business development firm with a team of Master Business Coaches and Strategists who, for more than 20 years, have proven their ability to accelerate business growth through

      • Nurturing the 8 drivers of business value
      • Identifying and achieving the 5 pillars of business, and
      • Employing the 9 models of recurring revenue.
RED Development Group team is focused on building female owned businesses and strong leaving legacies.


Headed by Reggi Sturns-Kemp (CEO) and Collette Portis, M.Ed. (COO) their clients boldly say things like "The level of expertise, integrity, & ability to raise the bar of excellence . . . is such that one can offer the commendations . . . without utilizing any hype."  Known for their ability to help clients double their revenues in as little as 10 months, the RED team is dedicated to helping female entrepreneurs discover those things within them so they can be used to drive their business and build their legacy.



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