A unique entertainment venue...

The Rear Window Listening Roomas the name suggests, is a venue that provides artists a place to display their musical gifts and talents, and be heard in a comfortable, intimate and respectful listening environment. This a place to get together and meet others who share your enthusiasm for music and enjoy getting to know the people responsible for writing original, new music & lyrics, and, very possibly, the next hit song.

You will hear some of the most beautiful music you've ever heard right here at the Rear Window, and one thing is for certain, you will be among music loving people the minute you reach the top step to the listening room. If you want an added treat to an already wonderful evening, you can join us for dinner as well. Lori Tegeler of the Ganado Cafe caters the most excellent home cooked meal that money can buy, and at a price that cannot be beat.

Original Only Music
We have a strict policy that only songs written and owned by the artists are able to play the Rear Window. The Rear Window is here for two reasons; 1.) To give music lovers a place to gather and listen to music that comes directly from the person(s) who created it. If you want to hear what everyone else listens to on the radio or television, then you would best be at a dance hall, bar, or honky tonk where they play what everyone else listens to. But, if you want to hear some awesome music performed by its creator, you should join us. 2.) The second reason we open the doors at the Rear Window is to provide a place for these artists a place to play; where they have an opportunity to share their music and be compensated for it so that they can keep their passion for creating music alive and well. There is a point in time when some of these performers may not be able to come back to the Rear Window due to recording and touring contracts, etc., so we enjoy the music before they make it to that level and wish them well. But, here's what's real ... while we truly hope that all artists who play the Rear Window will have that breakout song that sells millions, most will not. So, to hear the music that deserves to sell billions of copies, you have to come and listen to them play their original music. Come listen to ANY of our artists ... you will be impressed!

BYOB ...
We do not have a bar or beer and wine license, so feel free to bring your own bottle. If you are bringing beer, we ask that you keep the cooler for six only. You may bring wine or your favorite mixing beverage, the Rear Window has setups and soft drinks available for sale.

[The Name]

Why Rear Window …?

Well, the name is taken from the 1954 Alfred Hitchcock movie, “Rear Window” starring James Stewart and Grace Kelly. A lot of the movie has to do with watching and listening.

In this film, Hitchcock made very careful use of sound, including natural sounds and music drifting across the apartment building courtyard to James Stewart's apartment. At one point, the voice of Bing Crosby can be heard singing "To See You Is to Love You", originally from the 1952 Paramount film Road to Bali. Also heard on the soundtrack are versions of songs popularized earlier in the decade by Nat King Cole ("Mona Lisa", 1950) and Dean Martin ("That's Amore", 1952), along with segments from Leonard Bernstein's score for Jerome Robbins's ballet Fancy Free (1944), Richard Rodgers's song "Lover" (1932), as well as others.

This particular time was one of wonderful “old” music, as hits from the big band era were still very much alive. But, it was also a time for emerging new and different music styles. The talent we book will entertain with music from the 30’s & 40’s through current day songwriters and musicians. Regardless of the style of music we bring, you are sure to leave the Listening Room a little better-off than when you got there. We look forward to seeing you at the Rear Window Listening Room.


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