I have been writing poetry for many years and have studied it formally.  I authored a number of free style poetry collections over the years including, "Everyday Poems", "A Poetic Journey To East Asia In The 1980's", "An Exploration Of Color In Paintings And Poems", and "A Voyage To Iceland And The U.K. In Paintings And Poetry".

I am also a non-toxic oil pastel and watercolor artist and owner of Randy Lu Pastels And Watercolor (http://www.randyluart.com).  The company offers uplifting merchandise featuring my designs.

Poetry serves various purposes.  One of them is to provide comfort during stressful times.  I, myself, wrote a collection of poems shortly before stay-at-home orders began in March entitled, "A Poetic View Of A Stay-At-Home World".  I am offering one workshop per week to people in the U.K and Ireland to help others open their doors of self-expression and comfort themselves.


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