Do you love to learn? Would you enjoy hearing scholars discuss fascinating topics in a setting where you can ask questions and be around people who share your interests? Profs and Pints  is here for you!

Profs and Pints brings college faculty members into bars, cafés, company offices, and other off-campus venues to share their knowledge. They speak on subjects of broad interest, including local history, their region’s environment, emerging trends in business or politics, and the ideas and innovations transforming our society and culture. In addition, Profs and Pints  instructors offer practical instruction that improves lives. They can teach skills such as how to write persuasively, plant a garden, tend to mind and body, or plan for retirement.

Profs and Pints offers you all of this without asking that

you apply for admission, pay steep tuition, or worry about

quizzes or grades. At most, you might need to buy a

modestly priced ticket to get in the door. Depending on

where the event is staged, you may be able to order tasty

beers, delicious meals, or hot espresso to go with all of

that knowledge you’ll take in.

You won’t earn college credits but you’ll leave knowing more.

Learning with Profs and Pints: It’s a bright idea.



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