A non-profit theater company, based in the Hamilton Murray Theater at Princeton University, that has offered Mercer county residents great theater since 1968.

Princeton Summer Theater is an opportunity for young actors, directors, designers, and theater administrators to become part of a unique artistic community. Our executive board and full-time company are made up entirely of passionate Princeton University undergraduates/recent graduates. PST offers them an unparalleled experience, a nurturing environment that inspires artistic ingenuity and prepares creative minds to enter the professional theater world. Strong relationships are formed between company members who work and live together for the duration of the season and artists of the greater-Princeton area who are enthusiastic about collaborating with precocious newcomers on the theater scene. Through our Children’s Show, partnerships with area businesses and residents, and a fantastic collage of diverse performances, we bring together artists and community members in an 8-week long celebration of great theater.


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