Are you one of the many photographers who loves to shoot pictures? Do you want to be among the few who learn how to make your photos exceptional?

Our Classes, Photo Field Trips, Photo Day Camp for TeensPrivate Instruction, Special Events and Group & Corporate Workshops offer photographers at every skill level practical concepts, tips and techniques that help you to shoot and process better photographs.

The Basics:
Getting to Know your Digital Camera and Photo Field Trips give you the technical and visual foundations for creating outstanding pictures. You will learn camera settings, the rules of composition, and how to see and use color, light and gesture in your images.

Beyond the Basics:
Classroom and Studio Workshops give you the opportunity to expand on that knowledge base with practical applications that will increase your photographic skills in shooting and processing your images.

Our experienced Instructors are, first and foremost, exceptional teachers who are passionate about sharing their skills with their students.

Here is what our students say:

"Princeton Photo Workshop does a wonderful job. They understand novice to professional photographers and really care about educating their craft to others, all in a very relaxed manner. We really feel so lucky that I stumbled upon their workshops." Linda

"Princeton Photo Workshop instructors really love photography and, just as importantly, love to teach. They have encouraged me to stretch my boundaries and get out of my comfort zone, and my photography has improved immensely because of this. I highly recommend any of their trips or classroom instruction" Brian

"If you are looking to learn photography or take your photography to the next level, Princeton Photo Workshops can help you do it. I learned so much. In addition to the excellent instruction, it's also great to mingle to with other photographers of various levels." Leilani

"I've taken many Princeton Photo Workshop classes/workshops and came away with increased knowledge and enthusiasm for photography each time. Their teachers show me the possibilities of what a person with a camera can achieve and are happy to offer great tips and share their talents with photographers of all levels. As a novice, I appreciate their approachable, friendly style of teaching. I look forward to further developing my skills with PPW." Nancy

“Princeton Photo Workshop does an amazing job. Their workshops are taught by great photographers and are very hands on. Highly recommended! “ Jesus

"Knowledgeable professionals. Answered all questions. Plenty of instructors to cover everyone’s needs. Kind, patient and warm atmosphere. Will sign up again for future classes. Came away with new knowledge and confidence." Margaret

"I have attended numerous workshops and all were fantastic! I know that I will always get my money’s worth. Their workshops are thorough, informative and fun! I always come away very happy with what I learned. The balance of lecture time and lab/shooting time is just right. Highly recommended." Natalie


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