Payments are a vital part of the customer experience. When a customer pays for your goods and services, they are placing trust in your business. Providing a great process is essential to preserving that trust.

At the same time, payments are vital to your business. They’re how you get paid. So, maximizing success rates while avoiding fraud are critical for you.

We launched PAYMENTSfn to help real-world practitioners of payments learn from and network with peers in the industry. If you’re a product person, a developer, an operations person — basically if you’re working with payments as a key part of your role — you want to be at this event.

The sense of community and helpful spirit of the events are what make PAYMENTSfn so successful. So, join us!

We host a large annual conference in Durham, NC - but we are attempting to build a nationwide community and will have several meetups throughout the year in cities across the United States.

If you have any questions, or would like to help us throw a PAYMENTSfn event in your area, please let us know!


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