Preparing children to become great leaders and formidable philanthropists.​


To become a strong organization where youth learn about leadership skills and charitable actions through the arts; by participating in the development and production of charity events, the children will become advocates for positive change in our community. 


Love of others
Believing in yourself
Always doing your best
Many creative and perseverant children from different backgrounds and cultures inspired the creation of PAME (Performing Arts Master Classes and Events).

PAME Peoria is a group of people passionate about creating and organizing events through the arts, where children participate in order to become great leaders and formidable philanthropists.  The group activities consist of building a values based society.

We offer a platform where children are part of the pre-production and production of the events. Children can live the EXPERIENCE and understand the necessities of our community. It is incredible what they can achieve!

Our team consists of great human beings and professionals in their own fields, and many other dedicated volunteers join us for each event. 

After five years of PAME and two and a half of those in Peoria, we have done events and activities reaching a total of 700 children working together for a common cause.

We respectfully ask you to consider to be part of this movement. The number of youth participating will increase and thousands of families will benefit from their powerful actions. 

“To make a major change in our society, we have to start by doing great things with young minds and building kind hearts.”


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