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Oralia Acosta is a, CHC, Certified Health and Wellness Coach who specializes in anti-inflammatory eating styles, elimination and detox diets.  Oralia's issues started at a very young age and have included serious gastrointestinal illness that have caused her to abruptly end her sojourn in Italy and France.

She has also suffered anaphylactic shock twice .  But it didn't end there, upon her return to U.S. soil, her gastrointestinal issues were still unknown and remained so for many years.  It wasn't until the last 4 years that she has taken matters (or rather, her health) into her own hands and has started to express vibrant radiant health through much research, self discovery and the help of several “natural” health practitioners.  During these last 4 years, Oralia has also shed 35 lbs, which she put on as she entered menopause, and regained her energy, eliminated brain fog, and brightened her mood.

It is for this reason that Oralia has pursued a career as a health coach -- she is confident she has something of value to share with others so they don't have to go through all the issues she did.  Oralia also has an avid thirst for learning about the human body, how it works and how to FUEL it!  She follows health practitioners that are leading the way to better health and wellness, such as:  Dr. David Perlmutter, Dr. Tom O'Brian, Dr. Joseph Mercola, Dr. Josh Axe, Dr. Serge Gregoire, and many others.  She has a true love, respect, and admiration for the human body and how it works - indeed, out of everything there is on this planet, she finds the human body the most amazing, miraculous and astonishing machine in existence.

It is her true desire to contribute to you at the highest level and for this reason, she has taken full responsibility for herself and has become a health and wellness coach.

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