Murmrr is a venue situated at the hub of Brooklyn’s historic Grand Army Plaza. It’s an area flush with culture and community, including landmarks: Prospect Park, Brooklyn Botanical Garden and Brooklyn Public Library.

The venue consists of two spaces within the same location:

The Theatre: 700 capacity/1st Floor
This historic 1929 theater boasts towering stained glass windows and an ark that stands twenty feet high. With 700 seats, concert experiences are at once intimate and profound.

The Ballroom: 288 capacity/ 3rd Floor
A busted chandelier hangs from this elegant 1920’s ballroom’s decorative ceiling. At 3,575 square feet, it can be staged for cabaret, theater-style or standing room events.

Murmrr strives to provide a hi-fi sonic experience coupled with events that promote culture before commerce. Reasonably priced food and beverage encourage community around music and art. We host music, comedy, readings, or anything that’s going to make you think, feel…

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