With the coming of the new millennium, magic has ushered in a new age of creativity and prominence. At the forefront of this rebirth is Michael Grasso.

A native of Philadelphia, Michael's unique fusion of classic stage manipulation with live music has captured the imaginations of audiences around the world.

His talents have also been featured on numerous television series and specials broadcast on both cable and network television. On TLC's series "Magic's Greatest Illusions", Michael introduced a crew of his Gen X Magical Peers to the world. This led to starring roles on two seasons of the hit NBC "Hidden Magic" series, "Them", and the ultra-cool MTV series, produced by Ashton Kutcher, titled "Room 401".

Michael began studying magic almost 27 years ago and has since been on a personal quest to push his art to the highest level of skill and originality. He's not about tricks. He's about real magic.

With his powerful and cutting-edge style, Michael has gained international notoriety, performing around the globe in diverse venues for crowds as large as twenty thousand. 

From Hollywood's Magic Castle, nightclubs in New York, the beaches of Aruba, the bustling streets of India, and major casinos in Las Vegas and Atlantic City, Michael has established himself as a dynamic stage presence captivating audiences with his skill and charm. 

The future of magic is bright and Michael Grasso is one of the true shining stars in a new generation of conjurors around the world.


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