Detroit guitarist and composer, LuFuki, is the founder of the “jazz” collective, LuFuki and Divine Providence, who use Afro-Spirit-Jazz and world sounds to unite and heal hearts. He released his first album entitled, Inner Horizons, with the band in May 2019 and their second album, Elephants and Mountains, in June 2021. LuFuki also released a solo album, First Light, in September 2021. He and his life partner, Tazeen Ayub, also play as a duo and are releasing their album, Love & Light, in December 2021.

LuFuki serves as the Co-Director of the Detroit chapter of Gathering All Muslim Artists (GAMA) alongside his partner, Tazeen Ayub. He is also the Cultural Curator for the Halal Jazz Cafe at the Muslim Center, Detroit, and is the Project Manager at MuslimArc in Detroit and works in housing.

Lu Fuki holds a Master's degree from Wayne State University in Near Eastern Studies, specializing in the Arabic Language, and with a concentration in the literary genre of Tasliyah, praise poetry of the Prophet Muhammad.


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