Anjali, has the expertise, connections and vision to lead the team to produce events that are memorable and exceed expectations.

Successful entrepreneurs love the work they do, and that is evident when you watch Anjali in action, a bright smile across her face. In 2019, she started her business  and L’Amore Events continues to grow with her leadership, passion, honesty, creativity, integrity, kindness and inspiration. Known as the “the percolator,” she listens and digests information. Then her creative ideas are always brewing, giving new energy to every event her team plans. Anjali has the qualities of a successful event planner: thorough yet precise, expert knowledge, ingenuity in identifying and solving problems, communicative, and responsive to her clients. She maintains a big picture philosophy with a focus on the goals and critical eye on the details. Through the years, Anjali has established connections with an extensive network of trusted professionals to customize the best team for each event. Her experience includes managing events of all sizes from corporate meetings to fundraising galas and celebrations. Developing a theme and selecting the venue, menu, decor and entertainment to support it is one of Anjali’s greatest creative talents. By working closely with diverse teams, Anjali  executes exceptional meetings and events that achieve business objectives and exceed expectations—all with seeming ease and efficiency.

Anjali has participated in the Big Brothers-Big Sisters program, GOPIO,and served on committees to support Children in India.Her young son and a supportive husband bring lots of energy to her life. To get her creative juices flowing, Anjali enjoys yoga, gymming, visiting farmers markets and spending time with family, friends and neighbors.

While events are a fast-paced business, Anjali takes time to pause and focus on what’s most important. One of her favorite quotes inspires her to always take it to the next level.

"There's always another level up. There's always another ascension. More grace, more light, more generosity, more compassion, more to shed, more to grow." - Elizabeth Gilbert



Whether you are planning to celebrate your company’s milestone anniversary or annual holiday party, our events will excite your guests every time. Our team is prepared with the resources to plan such events as a gala to raise awareness and funds for a cause or a fun day for families. We bring unique ideas and themes to design the perfect ambience for your event. You can always expect the entertainment, cuisine, and décor to be fresh, innovative, and delivered with exceptional service. From finding the ideal venue, attracting guests and securing sponsors if needed—down to the smallest detail—let our team plan your next unforgettable special event.


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