About Kiddy Online School

Our mission is to help kids unlock their potential and become more confident and successful people by getting new skills and overcoming competition challenges. You can't imagine how capable your child is and how many things he can do already, he only needs the right conditions to express himself! 

Kiddy Coders offers online classes for K-12 kids for the following programs:

- Programming (Scratch, Roblox, Python, Java, JavaScript, Web Development, Mobile App Development, C, C#, C++)
- Math
- SAT/ACT Preparation
- Chess
- Language classes (French, Chinese, Russian, Portuguese)
- Art
- Photo&Video Editing

Prices start from $95/mo lesson for group (up to 3 students) lessons and $160/mo for one-on-one lessons. A monthly fee includes:

- once a week 60-min lesson
- virtual classrooms where we keep assignments and announcements
- certificates of completion
- internal competitions with gifts mailed to all participants
- performance tracking and a unique reward education system
- chat for students and parents
- online homework help between the lessons


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