Josey Baker Bread is a small team of bread bakers & pizza makers who specialize in freshly milled whole grain sourdough. We work at The Mill, the cafe/bakery we helped open in February 2013 with Four Barrel Coffee. We stone mill all of our whole grain flours in the bakery daily, and we bake bread and pizza 7 days/week (save for a few days off for holidays and a bakery retreat). You can find our loaves, pizza and flour everyday at The Mill, and a select handful of markets and restaurants around San Francisco and the East Bay. 

And who is Josey? Well I’ll tell you…

I am!! I was born in New York, raised in Vermont, and moved to San Francisco in 2005. My childhood friend George gifted me a sourdough starter in 2010, I baked my first loaf a few days later, and it was love at first loaf. I started baking so much bread that I couldn't eat it all, couldn't store it in my freezer, I had start giving it away to my friends and neighbors. One day my neighbor Michael offered me some cash for this gift, and I thought to myself, “oh wow, what if I started selling the bread…??!?” On Thanksgiving morning a few months later, 60 strangers showed up at my front door to buy bread, and a few months after that I quit my day job and started baking full time. I rented space from local pie bakery Mission Pie, and used the wood-fired oven at Oakland's Pizzaiolo to sell bread to my customers through my Community Supported Bread (CSB) program. That Summer I teamed up with Four Barrel Coffee to build a cafe/bakery, and in February of 2013 The Mill was born.


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