Grace (they/them, she/her) has been a whole-life educator since 2005, integrating drama, music, movement, meditation and yoga, mindful living, creative play, authentic relating, conscious collaboration, tantra and leadership. Their yogic path began in 2005 when Grace’s sister dragged them to a yoga class in Federal Way. They fell in love with savasana and came back just for relaxation.

Currently, Grace is merging anti-oppression work with the vision of Advaita Tantra and the Spiritual Heart. They are committed to shifting the global culture of Tantra and Yoga teachings and helping end white supremacy culture and colonialist appropriation of these beautiful traditions. Grace draws inspiration from the original Tantra concept of kula (spiritual family) which was open to everyone and where castes, and genders could practice side-by-side. They deeply believe that Tantra is for all bodies, ethnicities, backgrounds, orientations, genders and humans which is reflected in the mission of Sacred Embodiment Community Seattle.

More information about Grace’s coaching and mentorship can be found at


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